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  • You don't waste time, energy & money doing the wrong thing.
  • You get better sales & sign-ups easier & faster
  • You save years of trial and error
  • You learn different tactics to help you excel in your business
  • Increased productivity, performance & boosted morale.

When You don't 

  • You waste time, energy & money doing the wrong thing.
  • You get ghosted by prospects 
  • You spend time doing guess works & trial and error in your MLM business
  • You get lots of rejections and turn downs
  •  Poor productivity, performance & low morale.

Respect the training. Honor the commitment. Cherish the result.

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A - Z in using WhatsApp for Your Prospecting

WhatsApp is a Great if not the best Prospecting Tool you can use to grow your Network Marketing Business in 2021. In this training, You Learn the A -Z in WhatsApp prospecting. I will take you from "What is WhatsApp" to the Exact Step by Step guide on how to close prospects on WhatsApp Chat & WhatsApp Group.


How to write Presentation for your MLM WhatsApp Group prospecting

You don't just copy and dump a long pile of information on your WhatsApp Group everyday. Your Presentation Makes or Break your prospecting and in this training I will not only train you on how to craft out your presentation, I will also Craft out presentation for your MLM Company an show you how and when your presentation should come in.


Sneak in Mind Marketing

There is a switch in people's minds. To get them to Buy into your companies fantasy and compensation plan or let alone Join your company, All You Need is just flip That Switch! The moment you learn how to flip on the ‘’Buy Switch’’, YOU can convince just ANYONE to come on board, YOU can sell off MORE products, Dominate ANY market, even fix your price HIGHER than ANYONE else in the market – and people will still BUY. NO questions asked. This is the secret behind most successful Network Marketers and this is Exactly What I will be revealing to you in this training.


Complete STEP BY STEP on How to reach, target & get investors "Big Boys" to sign-up with you via social media

To succeed with ease in Network Marketing, you need the "Big Boys" on your team, not just for the money but for the pride that comes along. People think of MLM a a business where you trek round planet earth till the sole of your shoes are beyond recognition. and that's enough reason to have the "Big Boys" on board. In this training, I will show you where, when and how to target and get these "Big Boys" to signup to your team.


How to Use Duplication to make your downlines work for you. 

In this training you learn how to revive your dead team and get them simply copying what you do. At the end of this training I will also be having a brief Call or Chat with your team.


Offline Network Marketing Mastery 

Approach to Network Marketing Online and offline are quite different. And this training will take you form struggling to Close one prospect to Closing over 100 Prospects with perfect ease.


(DIY) Advertising on Facebook without tears

Either No Conversion, Poor or Wrong Targeting, High Ad Charge or Ad disapproval or restriction. Facebook frowns at anything MLM but in this training I will be showing you how to scale through all these hurdles, craft a MUST-APPROVE ad copy, targeting and every other tweaks you must do to rake in smooth result.


Foreign MLM recruiting strategy 

Looking to step-up your game and penetrate a Fresh or Foreign Market? In this training you will learn the A - Z on targeting & recruiting foreigners

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