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Congratulations on making Payment for our Advert Package


I will be showing you & setting you up on the right mindset.

Most Network marketers make a lot of mistakes and are doing virtually everything wrong when it comes to CLOSING & Get Prospects to REGISTER that is exactly why they struggle and get poor results despite using our ADVERT

Don't Make The Same Mistake!

Network Marketers forget that their prospects aren’t just numbers

But Real People

And real people need a good reason to:

1. Read your Presentation in the first place
2. Agree with your message
3. Respond to your call-to-action which is to make payment for registration

So, present passionately.

You’re dealing with humans

Not numbers.

Get BIG!


Get BIG!

Most of  your Prospects will do Background research about you.

No prospect will want to register with you if their life seems on the same level or better than yours.

This is exactly People  Raking in cash in your Networking business keep raking in more and more cash.

This is because  EVERYONE wants to Signup with them and associate with them.

You don’t Have to fake a luxury lifestyle,


Never appear Broke or  Hungry.

This applies to your whatsApp dp,

Take good photos, and have a good bio.

So What's Next?

The first step is to ask yourself what your prospects will benefit from joining the business.

And it is definitely not your products, because there are a thousand and one out in the market with similar benefits.

You are selling them an opportunity to make more income, period.

Anything outside that does not make sense to your prospect.

Look around you today.

The average person needs more money than he/she is being paid.

You will even find a lot of people doing one small business or the other apart from their regular jobs to make ends meet.

So your potential prospects are everywhere, in abundance.

But it depends on how you present yourself to them.

If you talk about how big and wonderful your company is, they simply don’t care.

If you talk about your products, they have other cheaper, if not better alternatives.

They only care about what’s in it for them.

If you tell about how wonderful network marketing is, they’ll show you numerous examples of people who have done it and failed.

So what do you say to them?

Promote yourself as a worthy leader in your field.

Let them know you will go all out to help them succeed.

Give them the necessary moral and technical support.

Advertise yourself, not your company.

Advertise your team, not your product.

People love leaders.

If Robert Kiyosaki were to give you a presentation on any MLM opportunity, at least 70% of the audience would want to sign up under him, not necessarily because of the speech, but because he is a proven leader in the industry.

Sell yourself to them, and they will BEG to join you.

I almost Forgot.

Set written goals

e.g. I will register 30 persons every day.

Have a game plan.

Literally, write out your plan for building your business.

You will have greater success than those who don’t.

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