Never Beg

It’s been a while.

Haven’t written a post in a long time.

I promised myself to personally write atleast a post every month.

The goal of our posts will be to educate, expose & motivate Every Network Marketer

But I have written only 2 posts in the last 12months

I must be getting lazy. Haha

“Too much money”?

Maybe…maybe not.

But I wanted to share a thought that’s been coursing through my mind.

This will be my first “Personal” post here,

Anyway, that’s by the way

You see, my friend, as a Network Marketer, or not


In fact, I say NEVER beg even God sef.

We might be of different religious beliefs,

But In my bible, he says “Come, lets REASON together”.

He didn’t say come to beg me.

Never beg.

If you have to beg for anything, you probably don’t need that thing.

Because begging requires trading your personal dignity in exchange for temporal things.

Trading your Self-esteem, Self-worth, Self-respect, Pride.

That’s why mouths that beg usually bite the hands that feed them in the end.

Because when you traded your dignity. We’re are often programmed to want to get it back.

Unconsciously, by any means.

This is exactly the same reason why when a man has to beg for a girls attention, love or acceptance. He ends up trying to get the dignity back by screwing things up.

Likewise in business,

Likewise in all aspects of life.

Never beg. Not even for your life

Don’t beg anyone for commitment.

Don’t beg anyone to join your business.

Don’t beg anyone to put in the work.

Don’t beg for acceptance.

Don’t just beg.


On the other end,

Once anyone begs me,

it is 98.5% certain I will not help you.

(and 101% certain you will screwup in future).

Because it always bites in the end.

In 2020, sometime during the Covid/lockdown period.

My fees were still really cheap & I wasn’t really stringent on the type of companies we could promote.

I had this lady with registered to one (million money) Network Marketing Business.. Forgotten the name..

I plainly told her that I couldn’t work with her, because her MLM business had a Ponzi-like model.

She begged, begged, begged,

I decided to go out of my way, to help this lady.

This was about 10:30Pm

The next day, we launched the ads,

Everything seemed to be going fine.

She was happy,

Then, On the 3rd day, this lady requested I sent her everything used for her ads, including the targeting and ad set-up.

I declined, then she requested for a refund.

I declined.

This lady started with how she belongs to the armed forces, down to laying several threats.

This was really funny.

Who goes to a restaurant then after eating requests for the food recipe?

Like, this same lady that begged for almost 2hrs.

This same lady I was only trying to help,

Became the first person to ever request for a refund in my 6years in the marketing industry.

See the pattern,

Begged and in less than 96hours, giving threats.

Don’t beg.

Preserve your relationships.

Begging is a permission to destroy your relationship in future.

Because people who beg will never rest until they win their dignity back.

So why sell it in the first place?

You must learn to ask, reason with, request for, negotiate for, negotiate with…

But. Never beg.


Learnt something?

You can use the comment box.

Till next time,

Stay frosty


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