12 Best Paying MLM Companies in Nigeria 2023

Here’s is our list based for the Top & best paying MLM Companies in Nigeria in 2023. This list is based on the Relevance, Earnings, Activities, Product Rating & Sales, Market Acceptance..

If you’re looking to start up your network marketing journey in 2023 then you should consider one of these.

Best Paying MLM Companies in Nigeria 2023:

1. Faforlife

2. Superlife

3. Longrich

4. Oriflame

5. Revoobit

6. Jigsimur

7. ACI

8. Greenlife

9. Phytoscience

10. Ugreat

11. NRG

12. NRI

This list contains already existing Network Marketing companies with proven products and compensation / financials.


Fafor life is a multinational company founded by 3 great Doctors and medical practitioners from Nigeria, India and China. The company produces stem cell-based therapies and other organic health products, the flagship product of the company is called FAFORON (Miracle in a bottle).

Just like every typical MLM company and model, members get paid when they make sales or recruit new downlines.

The Fafor life Compensation Plan is designed to reward its members for their efforts in building the company in up to 9 amazing ways of earning, including the Sponsor Bonus, Welcome Bonus, Business Bonus, Leverage Bonus, Placement Bonus, Lifestyle Rewards, Free Education Access, and Maintenance Bonus.

Fafor life really boomed, made big waves and introduced more products in 2022, it also hosted one of the biggest award ceremonies in Nigeria in 2022 and this is why I have Fafor life as Number 1.

The minimum package and amount to join Fafor life is NGN18,000 for the basic package.

Fafor life’s product are health based and from teestimonials seems to be really effective; (Faforon, Spidex2, Spidex20, Spidex19, Fafor Lite (Toothpaste) ).

To join you will need to reach out to an already existing member around you.


For the number 2 on our list of my top 12 paying network MLM companies in 2023, we have Superlife World which is also quite new (about three years). They have a very nice health supplement known as STC30 which is based on stem cell therapy and which has been proven to cure or greatly improve/treat over 200 diseases including cancer, fibroids, infertility, rheumatism, HIV and many more.

They also have other products such as Double root coffee, SIC+, SCN…

Superlife boomed and made good waves in nigeria from 2019 – 2020, since then there has been alot of price changes and infiltration of fake products. This has  really affected Superlife in the last two years, asides this, Superlife has my number 2 spot.

would Superlife turnaround it’s declining name in the Nigeria market in 2023? 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Longrich is a network marketing company that deals mostly with quality beauty products like creams, perfumes, roll on, cosmetics and household consumables like toothpaste etc. Their products are made to very high quality standards and are usually in high demand from people who have used them before. They also have a nice compensation plan and do not force you or pressure you to keep buying products or selling to meet up with monthly points unlike many of the other similar platforms.
I really do not want to believe that there’s any network marketer who has’nt heard of the name “Longrich”.
Longrich has my number 3 spot for their consistency in product supply, product efficiency & and in their compensation plan.

Although in 2022, Longrich also seemed to experience a major decline in popularity in the Nigeria market for the first time in over 2 decades.

Longrich also seems to be having a major internal issue which has seen its most influential Star Director; Charles Tabou quit Longrich in the 4th quarter of 2022..

And for all these reasons I have Longrich dropped to Number 3.


Oriflame is currently the leading and only beauty and skincare network marketing company in Nigeria. Oriflame offer a wide range of high-quality beauty products and an opportunity to start your own business. Founded in 1967 by two swedish brothers and their friend, Oiflame is now an international beauty mlm company in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Oriflame is also another MLM that has consistently topped the MLM space in Nigeria for the past decade, and in 2022 Oriflame launched a flagship product in the health Niche which will significantly increase their already large market share and for this reason Oriflame will be claiming my number 4 spot!


Revoobit is a direct sales company based in Malaysia established in 2019 by a group of experienced network marketing entrepreneurs, the company deals with the production and distribution of high-quality plant-based stem cells. Their flagship products are MIIRA-CELL+ and MIIRA-CURVE.

Even though Revoobit havent really dominated or made a major significance in the Nigerian Market and really seemed to be on a decline in 2022 but since Stemcell products seem to be having a large market share in the last 4years for this reason revoobit will be claiming my number 4 spot!


Jigsimur is the product and Jigsimurplus is the Network marketing aspect. Jigsimurplus is the marketing arm of Jigsimur Herbal products. Jigsimur/plus is an indigenous South African Brand.

Jigsimur has been around for atleast 5years, and has quite some presence offline than online.

7. ACI

Always Can International is a malaysian based company, focused on distributing health products. ACI broke into the Nigerian market mid 2022 and since then has maintained a fair online presence in the Nigeria space. ACI will have my number 7 spot since it’s yet to boom the market and also yet to be proven over large volume and time.


Greenlife Herbal Network is a multinational company, that engages itself in distribution of various herbal products through network marketing. Greenlife has  consistently been in the nigeria market for he past decade. With a good offline presence and a struggling online presence Greenlife has my number 8 spot for it’s consistency.


Phyto Science Sdn Bhd, is a global health & wellness multilevel marketing company Founded in 2012. Phyto Science is a multi-million dollar company, based in Kuala Lumpur. Phytoscience is the first stemcell based MLM to enter the Nigerian market but has stylishly gone under the radar. For it’s consistency and for being a market leader, Phytoscience has my Number 9 spot.


Ugreat Sdn Bhd, is a global health & wellness multilevel marketing company founded in December 2019 and started from Malaysia and is now has entered the worldwide market. Ugreat entered the Nigerian market early 2020, a year that was filled with challenges due to the pandemic covid-19 crisis as well as the global economic crisis.
Ugreat hasn’t really boomed the nigeria market either offline or online but since Ugreat is also a Stemcell based company and since it’s stemcell season, Ugreat has my Number 10 spot.

11. NRG

Natural Rich Global (NRG) is a Multi Level Marketing Network & a Real Estate company.  company born out from Jamalife and since the whole Jamalife closure Saga NRG hasn’t really received good acceptance from the Nigerian Market. However NRG made it into my list ater pulling up a quite impressive car award ceremony at the end of 2022.
So, NRG might be cooking something really nice to penetrate the the market come 2023. let’s keep our fingers crossed.

12. NRI

Nature’s Renaissance International Ltd (NRI) is a multilevel marketing or direct selling company. Focused on selling health products, though with very poor online presence, NRI seems to have an uprising offline presence.
So, this is a company to keep an eye for

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